Pallet Specifications

The 4-way 1000 mm x 1200 mm pallet (refer to below figures) is recommended by the Pallet Standardisation Working Group as the standard for the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry in Singapore which includes the grocery industry.
  Why 1000mm x 1200 mm pallet?  
  • Compatible with standard ocean going containers and the majority of trucks

  • Dominant size used in Asia (China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia,
    Philippines and Singapore)

  • Endorsed by ECR Asia

  • Conform to international standard - ISO 6780 'General-purpose flat pallets
    for through transit of goods - Principal dimensions and tolerances'

  • Conform to Singapore Standard - SS 334 'Specification for Timber Pallets'

  • Major retailers in Singapore have already adopted this standard

  • Sufficiently wide for drive-in racking
  ECR Rental Pallet (I)   ECR Rental Pallet (II)   ECR Rental Pallet (III)  
  Size: 1000x1200x144mm   Size: 1500x1200x144mm (5'x4')   Size: 1800x1200x144mm (6'x4')  
  Suitable for FMCG goods, achieving 1000kg load test.   Suitable for Sugar, Electronics, Cartons Stacking & handlings.  
Suitable for Cocoa, Coffee, Commodity Storage & handlings.
  Dynamic Capacity: 1200kgs   Dynamic Capacity: 1000kgs   Dynamic Capacity: 2000kgs  
  Statics: 5000kgs   Statics: 6000kgs   Statics: 8000kgs  
  ECR Pallets Series  


Model & Sizes

Dynamic Load

Static Load



1000mm x  1200mm

1200 kg

4000 kg

4 ways


1500mm x 1200mm

1000 kg

6000 kg

2 ways


1800mm x 1200mm

2000 kg

8000 kg

2 ways


1220mm x 1220mm

1500 kg

4000 kg

2 ways


1220mm x 1016mm

1500 kg

6000 kg

2 ways


Recommended pallet size standard for fast-moving consumer goods industry in Singapore

The recommended pallet size standard for the fast-moving consumer goods industry (FMCG) in Singapore, was announced during an Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) seminar on 26 January 99. The seminar which was organised by the Singapore Article Number Council and the Singapore Productivity and Standards Board, was attended by about 100 participants.

A brochure on the recommended pallet size was prepared and endorsed by the ECR Singapore Working Group (WG) on Pallet Standardisation. The WG is co-chaired by PSB and industry. A copy of the brochure is enclosed with this issue of the Standards & Testing News.

Pallet Size Standardisation

The Pallet Standardisation WG looked into the reduction of supply chain costs and increase in productivity through standardisation of pallet sizes. Issues of concern and the necessary industry adjustments required for the implementation of standard pallet size(s) in their sectors were addressed by the WG during the third and fourth quarters of 1998. Surveys have been conducted among the working group members to assess the current use of pallets and the impact of pallet standardisation to the FMCG industry. The working group is made up of 28 members with 5 retailers, 9 grocery and FMCG manufacturers, 3 distributors, 2 third-party logistics providers and 6 logistics equipment suppliers. A number of retailers who are members of this WG have expressed that they are ready to use these standard pallets.