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Starting off as a sawmiller in 1977, local wood manufacturer LHT Holdings Limited, formerly known as Lian Hup Timber, has carved a niche in the manufacture of wooden pallets for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. By seizing an opportunity that came its way while it was participating in the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Working Group on Pallet Standardisation , its core business now includes the leasing of high quality wooden pallets operate by Kim Hiap Lee Co. (Pte) Ltd a subsidiary of LHT Holdings Limited. This is in addition to the manufacturing of high quality wooden pallets, flooring, furniture components, boxes and crates for both local and overseas markets, and import of chip-moulded pallets, bamboo pallets, paper pallets and plastic-moulded pallets.

Participation in ECR Pallet Standardisation working group
The company's specialisation in the manufacturing of wooden pallets began when some of its staff participated in an active ECR Pallet Standardisation Working Group as observers in 1998.

Work on standardising the 13 pallet sizes in Singapore was initiated by leading members of the FMCG industry in 1997 with the support of the Singapore Productivity and Standards Board (PSB). It was part of an effort to improve operational efficiency and rationalise the 13 different sizes of pallets in use in the FMCG industry in Singapore.

What is the Pallet Standardisation Project About?
The pallet standardisation project is the first Standards Implementation for Productivity project to be undertaken by SPRING Singapore. It resulted in the development of the four-way 1m x 1.2m standard pallet that is currently in use for the storage and transportation of goods for the FMCG industry.

The design specifications for the standardised pallet conforms to ISO 6780 General purpose flat pallets for through transit of goods – Principal dimensions and tolerances and SS 334:1998 Singapore Standard for Specification for Timber Pallets.